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100 Healthy Days™ Week 5- Your DNA is Not Your Destiny. Write a New Family Tree

Many conditions and diseases that are affecting people’s health get blamed on genetics. In the majority of cases, it is not your genetics fault. Unhealthy lifestyles along with spine and nervous system degeneration are often the underlying cause and must be addressed. Schedule your appointment today and follow these tips to get on track.

Stop Killing Yourself

If you are in a destructive energy pattern, stop now, and stay stopped with every choice from this moment on.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” was the Nursing Home Generation’s motto. It’s time to redefine broke. When you’re out of balance, you’re broke.

Trust your Innate Intelligence

As you begin to turn things around with your choices, your body and mind will strengthen. You will feel yourself getting sharper and younger in mind and body. This will give you the confidence to continue.

Also, your body’s Innate Intelligence makes trillions of new cells for you throughout your lifetime. If there is no interference, it will keep you functioning at your highest level for a lifetime.

Read more about innate intelligence on our 100YL article, Artificial Intelligence VS Innate Intelligence. 

Take Care of Your Original Parts

Strengthen your weaknesses and adapt your activities to accommodate any areas of your body that are having challenges.

Don’t Just Treat Your Crisis

Make self-care and health care a priority. Meet with the appropriate health care providers and develop a game plan to optimize your 100 Year Lifestyle while taking into consideration your personal history. Get a second or even a third opinion until the recommendations feel right in your gut, because once again, deep down, you know what is best for you.

Learn Your Family History and Become Proactive With Your Health

We are the first generation in history that will get to know our family tree four to five generations deep. This consists of newborn babies, parents in their twenties, grandparents in their fifties, great grandparents in their seventies, and great, great-grandparents in their late nineties and over 100 years old.

Make self-care and health care a priority specifically as it relates to your family history. Read more about family generations on our 100YL article, Four and Five Generations the New Norm.

Genetic and Lifestyle Misinformation

While genes certainly play a role, a recent study published in the journal Immunity and Aging found that only about 25% of the variation in longevity has to do with genetic factors. You can have much more influence on your lifespan than you may think.

Read more about it in our article, Genetic and Lifestyle Misinformation!


Get Excited About What is Possible From Your Current Starting Point

Look to make progress every day and be careful not to compare yourself to when you were 18 or 35. Get better and feel younger every day through your choices.

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