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Vitamin Sea


For many of us, the minute the weather gets warm we start thinking about a vacation at the ocean. We can’t seem to get enough Vitamin Sea! The sun, the sand, the salt water – all spell relaxation and rejuvenation. But there’s more. There are some serious health benefits to a trip to the shore. Those good feelings you get aren’t just happy summer vibes, there’s powerful healing going on.

Ancient Cure-All 

The ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians recognized the emotional benefits of the ocean. Hippocrates, Plato, and Aristotle have all been credited with recommending the healing qualities of the ocean for the human body and soul. According to Plato, “The sea cures all ailments.”

In the 18th century, dunks in the cold water became the go to cure for British upper classes for anything from fever and digestive problems to shrinking tumors. Some people even drank the salt water like tea – sweetened with honey or diluted with milk.

Time Well Spent

Today, backed by science, we understand the physical and emotional healing properties of the ocean differently. Whether you swim in the water, splash in the waves, or walk along the shoreline, time at the ocean is time well spent.

Different Type of “Blue Zone”

This different type of “Blue Zone” offers numerous benefits. Among them:

Boosts Immunity – The actual number of red blood cells increases between 5 – 20% after a swim in the sea. The number of white blood cells increases even more. If you have high blood sugar, anemia, or a weakened immune system, then head to the ocean! Taking a dip also strengthens the body against viruses and bacteria.
Did you know that ocean water and our blood plasma are 98% identical? When you immerse yourself in warm seawater the body absorbs the minerals it needs through the skin.
Improves Skin, Inflammation and Infection – Salt is naturally antibacterial. Any type of cut, irritation, or wound will get a healing boost from a swim! Combined with sunshine, the salt and minerals found in water will assist in the healing of or even cure ulcers, lupus, psoriasis, and other skin diseases. It’s detoxifying effects actually pull impurities from the body!
Emotionally speaking, spending time at the ocean promotes calmness, positivity, and alleviates stress. Just being near this oxygen producing machine makes us relaxed and yet energized at the same time!
Swimming in the ocean offers grounding benefits including reduced inflammation, reduced pain, deep sleep, and improved blood flow/pressure.

Answer the Call

And these are just a few of the nearly endless list of health benefits a dip in the ocean will provide! Not to mention the fun factor!

So, if you are hearing the call of the sea, answer it! Do yourself – your mind, body, and soul – a favor and enjoy some well-deserved fun in the sun.

More Summers

And do yourself another favor and schedule an appointment with a 100 Year Lifestyle provider near you before you go. They will help you stay at your peak, living at 100% for 100 years or more, so that you can enjoy many more active summers of Vitamin Sea!




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