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Trying or Training

Contributed by Dr. Dennis Buckley, Affiliate in Pasadena, CA

If you wanted to run a marathon how would you prepare in anticipation?

Would you go out and TRY to run 26.2 miles or would you devise a plan to TRAIN yourself to accomplish such a feat?

Trying to run 26.2 miles without any training would prove to be nearly impossible and you could injure yourself by pushing beyond your capabilities. To cover that distance takes time to build up the strength and endurance required.

Why would someone TRY to be healthy instead of TRAINING to be healthy? Why would someone try to be more generous, disciplined, spiritual, honest, professional, etcetera instead of training to be that way?

Trying can be the first step to move in a new direction but it is not the last step. It is a tiny step, a baby step. Trying can fool us into thinking we are improving but the key to long lasting change is training and quick fixes rarely last. Committed training through disciplined action is the key to long lasting change and optimum performance.

Exercise and Nutrition only get you part way to your goal. When it comes to your health and living your 100 Year Lifestyle, you need to train yourself in 5 areas: Neurology, Nutrition, Endurance, Strength and Structure.

Restoring the structure of your spine and nervous system gives you the potential to become a master at whatever it is for which you are training. All 5 areas integrate together, enhance each other and are required if you seek quantity of years and quality of health.

You will train in these areas by choice or by necessity. Necessity follows crisis. If you want to avoid an untimely and expensive crisis then train with consistency.

Your training will be optimized through Chiropractic Care. There are 3 types of care: Crisis Care, Critical Transition and Lifestyle Care. Crisis Care is based on need and takes you to the point of relief and stability. Lifestyle Care is based on want and supports the health goals you have for your life now and as you age.

The Critical Transition is critical. It opens up greater opportunity to reach and surpass those goals and is vital to the regeneration of your body’s innate ability to heal itself and function at optimum levels.

If a crisis does appear you will still be better able to deal with it and recover by the training already done. Take a good look at yourself. In the vital areas of life are you TRYING or really TRAINING? Make the choice today to TRAIN and reap the benefits tomorrow and for years and years to come.

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