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Third Generation Centenarian




Ken Turner doesn’t see turning 100 as being unique. He’s actually a third generation centenarian, reaching the milestone like both his father and his grandfather. Longevity runs in this sturdy Englishman’s family.

Ken does acknowledge good genes when speaking about his longevity, but also credits a life of hard work and a clear conscience. He also adds that his daily beer and occasional whisky might deserve some credit.

After running trains of troops and goods for the British Railway during World War II, Ken and Julie, his wife of 72 years, moved to Shrewsbury, England to bring up their son and daughter. In 2011, he and Julie moved closer to the sea to be near their daughter.

Julie died in 2021, but with the help of his daughter Ken has adapted to this new phase of life and living independently. 

Ken remains active by gardening, reading, drawing, and taking daily walks around town. Physically fit but with his short-term memory beginning to fail, Ken lives in the moment and shares stories of the past with friends. 

Clearly, perseverance and taking what life brings your way while enjoying the present are ingrained in Ken. They are attributes that, no doubt, sustained his father and grandfather during their long lives. The ability to adapt has served Ken well throughout his life.

Want to see this centenarian on the go in action? Click here.

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