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The Wisdom of 100 Centenarians

Even 10 years ago it wouldn’t have been likely that you’d find an article asking 100 centenarians from around the world for their tips on a life well lived. Today things have changed. Centenarians are the fastest growing segment of the population in the US, and across the planet.

Common Ground

The Guardian recently interviewed 100 centenarians, asking for their tips on making it to 100 and beyond – healthy and in style. The people interviewed ranged in age from 100 to 108. They were from all around the globe, with different professions and life experiences. What did they have in common? Longevity, and the wisdom that comes with it. Together they represented lives lived with joy, struggle, service, family, community – everything that life has to offer. Many were shocked to have lived to 100 and beyond while some weren’t surprised at all and were still going strong and making plans for the future. Their longevity advice varied greatly, yet there were common themes including healthy lifestyle, giving life your all (living at 100%!), good family and friends, keeping busy, and giving back. In other words, their 100 Year Lifestyle!

Showing Us the Way

At 100 Year Lifestyle we have long said that today’s centenarians are showing us what healthy longevity can look like. Frances Compston, 101, from England keeps active. She does so by walking, swimming, doing Pilates and yoga, and playing golf.  Dabirul Islam Choudhury, 103, also from England, talks about when he’s “doing my fundraising, helping humanity, it keeps me engaged and busy. The most difficult thing for senior people is not having a purpose in life.” Virginia Ballon is 101, from Peru. She believes we should all “dance a lot, avoid stress and remember that all problems have a solution.” Concepcion ‘Conchita’ Calvillo de Nava, 105, from Mexico advises, “Comprehend the changing of times – never stay stuck in the past or its difficulties.”

Amazing advice from amazing people. For the rest of these centenarians wisdom, keep reading. To start working on your healthy 100 years and beyond, find a 100 Year Lifestyle Provider near you!




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