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The Wim Hof Way

At first glance, it looks like an extreme sport. On closer look, yes, professional athletes are participating, but so are people with chronic, debilitating illnesses, and regular folks with desk jobs. So just who is Wim Hof, what’s his method about, and is it for you?

You’ve probably seen Wim Hof on television. He’s the guy in the shorts, no shoes, with maybe a t-shirt, maybe not, setting Guinness World Records in the ice and snow. Known as “The Iceman,” he’s a Dutch motivational speaker and extreme athlete known the world over for his ability to withstand low temperatures. He captured the attention of athletes and the general public alike with his New York Times Bestselling book, What Doesn’t Kill Us. And he also teaches people around the world how to do what he does.

So exactly what does he do? The Wim Hof method is a combination of breathing exercises, cold exposure, and developing a proper mindset and commitment.


Everyone knows that you need to breathe to survive. However, did you know that the amount of oxygen that you breath in directly relates to the amount of energy in your body’s cells. Wim’s breathing technique requires 20 minutes and is designed to allow you to go deeper into your nature. If you’re thinking meditation, think again. While you will move from a state of stress to relaxation, the breathing exercises are physically demanding. That 20 minutes will require a great deal of energy, yet still end with the practitioner in a state of calm.

His breathing method involves deep and rhythmic breathing – inhalations and exhalations – which Wim refers to as “power breathing.” Each breath is followed by a specific period of time where you hold your breath. Those who practice this process are said to have more energy, more resilience towards everyday stress, and report feeling more in control of their mind and body.

Cold Exposure

In recent years cold exposure – cold plunges and cryotherapy – has become more accepted by the general public as professional athletes have shared their passion for using forms of cold therapy in training and recovery. Wim advises starting with a cold shower to experience how extreme cold exposure will  trigger numerous health benefits. There is a great deal of science behind cold exposure in general, and the Wim Hof Method in particular.

The benefits of the method include:

Increased energy
Increased Focus and determination
Reduced stress
Better Sleep
Improved Immune System
Improved Sports Performance
Connection to Nature
Improved physical strength
Improved mental strength
Enhanced creativity


While most physical activities require their own unique mindset and commitment, Wim’s method comes from the unique perspective of willpower and self-control. As the age range and physical capabilities of his followers reflects, we’re not talking strength here but rather patience and dedication. Wim himself is 63 and going strong. His method appeals to men and women of all ages. Based on his more than 100,000 followers world wide, people with the interest to make the commitment enjoy and benefit from learning The Iceman’s secrets.

If your 100:100 includes trying new things and maybe breaking through some mental and physical barriers – the Wim Hoff method might be for you. At 100 Year Lifestyle we believe that you’re never too young or too old to push past your perceived limits. Who knows what your healthy longevity lifestyle will come include tomorrow, next year, or beyond? Get excited about learning something new. And, you can take on this new experience solo – or bring a friend and create a greater bond in the process.

As you challenge yourself, remember the importance of keeping your spine and nervous system healthy so you can pursue all these new interests! There’s a 100 Year Lifestyle provider near you ready to help you on your exciting journey!


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