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The Science Behind Earthing

Earthing, or grounding as it is also known, involves things that we all did as kids. Walking barefoot, laying down in the grass or sand, and swimming in lakes or the ocean. No one needed to tell us the benefits of doing these things. It was just fun! As we age, many of us don’t make time for those childhood activities. But now the science behind Earthing says that we should. 


Earthing is a therapeutic technique that involves “doing activities that ‘ground’ or electrically reconnect us to the earth.” The electrical charges from the earth can have positive effects on the body. According to the Healthy Grounded website, these positive effects include:

Increased energy levels
Reduced inflammation
Reduced chronic pain
Deeper sleep
Slowed down aging process
Improved blood flow/pressure
Sped up healing process
Lowered stress
Decreased depression and anxiety
And so much more!

The Science

The science on the subject of earthing or grounding has been positive. One recent study found that “Grounding appears to improve sleep, normalize the day-night cortisol rhythm, reduce pain, reduce stress, shift the autonomic nervous system from sympathetic toward parasympathetic activation, increase heart rate variability, speed wound healing, and reduce blood viscosity.” All that and they aren’t even mentioning how it makes you feel young at heart to take your shoes off and walk across the grass or lay down in the sand without a towel!

Another study looked at how earthing affects the living matrix or central connection between living cells. This matrix functions as an immune system defense. It is believed that the natural defenses of the body can be restored through earthing.

Earthing for Athletes 

For the athletes among us, another study looked at the use of earthing on muscle damage as a result of exercise. The study found that participants experience grounding or earthing reduced muscle damage and pain. Let the healing begin!

Earthing is easy – and can be really fun. If you’re already walking for exercise, take your shoes and socks off. If you are heading to the lake or ocean, skip the towel and sit or lay directly on the sand. And be sure to go for a swim while you’re there!


However, if you do want to explore other ways to practice earthing, there are products such as shoes, sheets, mats, and even jewelry that have been designed to help you when the weather is inclement or other things keep you from running barefoot! 

Taking care of your spine and nervous system will give you the health and vitality you need for 100 years and beyond to keep you earthing. A 100 Year Lifestyle provider near you is waiting to help get and keep you outside, moving, and enjoying your healthy longevity for many years to come!


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