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Shhhh…Secrets and Longevity

Most of us have a secret or two. Actually, the average person keeps 13 secrets according to psychologist Michael Slepian. You might think it’s no big deal, and it may not be. But keeping secrets can take its toll. There is a real link between secrets and longevity.


Sometimes secrets are small things, created to save someone’s feelings or other worthwhile effort. However, secrets can also be big and overwhelming. They can become encompassing, causing you to constantly be thinking and worrying about them. If you find yourself stuck on or ashamed about the secret you are keeping, it can become a problem. Feel this way over an extended period of time, and your health can be effected.

Not Talking

If your secrets are the result of a problem with another person and your inability to have the necessary conversation to deal with the problem, then you are indulging in unhealthy behavior. Regardless of the type of secrets, they will likely end up taking a toll on your mind, body, and longevity.

Negative Effects

From an emotional standpoint, constantly focusing on secrets can create feelings of isolation. Isolation removes us from our normal social connection and that has been proven to lower the immune response. That isolation can also escalate and become very encompassing until you’ve built a protective wall around your emotions.

Physically, this can lead to higher cortisol levels, increased blood pressure, affected sleep, digestive issues, and fatigue.


It is important to note, however, that there are “good” secrets and we are all entitled to our privacy. It’s when the pressure to keep your secrets becomes all-encompassing that things are getting out of balance.

No Secret

It’s no secret that your chiropractor can help you to relieve your stress, bring your body back into healthy balance, and keep you enjoying healthy longevity until your last breath of life! Find a 100 Year Lifestyle provider near you today!

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