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Service Above Self

So here’s a really interesting story – or two. Centenarian Robert “Bob” Gast from Warsaw, Indiana first appeared in a story about how this Rotarian was delivering Mobile Meals to those in need in his community. Taking the Rotary motto of “Service Above Self” to heart, Bob was quoted as saying “I like to do my part in helping others.” The article was very brief, but Bob seemed like such an interesting man and the photo in the article showed a particularly fit, healthy looking man. A quick online search for more information on Bob resulted in another story.

Second Story

It seems as though Bob has been putting “Service Above Self” for some time. The second story was about Bob Gast the World War II vet. He is a Silver Star and a Purple Heart recipient.  Bob served on the Warsaw City Council for 11 years, and also on the Board of Public Works and Safety. Along with his wife he raised a family, was instrumental in creating that Mobil Meals program he still volunteers with, and also served in the local chapter of The Salvation Army and the Warsaw Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

For his 100th birthday (he’s getting ready to turn 101 in March of 2023), the Warsaw Community Schools proclaimed Bob Gast Day during a special celebration. The local high school Junior ROTC read a proclamation at the event that included the following language:

Whereas, we are pleased and honored that for those who have joined together to pay tribute on this day to dedicated veteran Mr. Bob Gast, who has served this great nation with such distinction, both in peace time and in war; …

Not About Age

What’s so interesting about Bob’s story, and the many others of his day, are that their sense of service isn’t tied to their age. They continue to their last breath to put “service above self.” Bob could have easily decided to call it quits when he turned 80, 90, or 100. But never once did he say I’ve done my part and decide to sit this one out.

Your Healthy Longevity Story

How is your story going to read? At the 100 Year Lifestyle our providers are about helping you achieve healthy longevity. We want you to have the health and vitality that you need and want until your last breath of life. What you do with all that healthy time is up to you. But wouldn’t it be amazing if, like Bob, we could be “doing our part to help others” well beyond retirement age? Instead of thinking of our service to our family, friends, and community as something with an expiration date on it, what if it were something that we could actually focus on more and more with each passing year? What if we could actually have the time and health to continue to make a difference?

Want to make your healthy longevity last as long as possible? Find a 100 Year Lifestyle provider near you to help you on your journey. Want to learn more about the amazing Bob Gast, keep reading.







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