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Salad Skewers

Every home chef knows that warm weather means lots of meals cooked on the grill, a variety of cold drinks, and easy summer salads. Well, the salad part just got even easier. Salad skewers are fun, easy to make, and there are endless possibilities. And even the little ones and the pickiest eaters can’t pass up food on a stick!

Your Equipment

Depending on what you’ve decided to skewer, you may or may not want to use traditional skewers. If you’re opting for some more delicate textures in your salad skewers, then you might want to go for a bamboo or reusable pick. They’re shorter, thinner, and often used for appetizers.

Your Ingredients

If you’ve put it in a salad, and it can be cut into a bite-sized piece, it will probably work for your salad skewer. In fact, you can often recreate your favorite salads on skewers. Not surprisingly, that includes any of the delicious salads recipes found on our website.

Love Chef’s Salad? Cucumber, grape tomatoes, olives, Swiss cheese cut into squares – all perfect to be skewered. For your ham, turkey, and bacon, (anything on the thin side) cut into long strips, loop over like a pinwheel, and then skewer. Cut your hardboiled eggs into quarters or halves depending on the size of the egg and they skewer just fine. Alternate between bites so that people can either remove all the ingredients onto their plates – or bite right off the stick.

Maybe you’re craving Italian? Cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella balls, and fresh basil are all skewer friendly. Drizzle with your favorite balsamic glaze.

Thinking Greek? Just make sure your feta is cut into large enough pieces so it doesn’t crumble, and your olives are already pitted!

Like berries, avocado, or other fruit in your salad? They work on a stick!

Worried you’ll have to forgo chopped nuts, wontons, or seeds in your salads? Don’t despair. Include those for sprinkling on top of the dressing.

Don’t Forget the Dressing

Speaking of dressing, your favorites can either be drizzled over the top of your skewers or provided in individual dishes for dipping.

Little (and Big) Helpers

Making your salad skewers can be as much fun as eating them. Put out bowls of fresh ingredients and sticks and let everyone make their own. Include fun ingredients like pineapple chunks, marshmallows, shrimp, beans large enough to skewer, dried fruit, tofu, and fresh herbs. Any meat, cheese, vegetable, or fruit can be skewered if it’s cut properly.

So, whether you’re packing an office lunch, a picnic at the beach, or a dinner at home with family and friends, salad skewers are an easy way to bring the fun! Enjoy!


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