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Renew Yourself

Do you ever wait for the New Year to start creating resolutions? Don’t wait for the year to end to start to renew yourself. Start with each and every day by initiating a daily practice. Tune into these different mindset shifts throughout your day in order to access your full potential all day, every day. Here’s how.

First Hour Renewal

What is the first thought, action, or feeling that you have when you start your day? Think about your first thought this morning immediately upon opening your eyes. Did you say to yourself, “I’m glad to be alive?” Or did you moan and groan?

A positive first thought, action, and feeling are important to get you on the right track. Ideal first thoughts might be, “I’m going to make today a great day.” Another one might be, “I feel younger and healthier today.” Another might be, “It feels good to be alive and I will embrace the day. I will create opportunities today where none exist. I will enjoy a relaxing time with my family today.” Positive and happy thoughts have been shown to keep people feeling healthier and younger.

During that first hour, which you may find becomes your favorite part of the day, take the time to connect with your spiritual self through prayer, meditation, exercise, inspirational reading, stretching, goal setting or any other activity that gives you a feeling of renewal.

Midday Renewal

In many parts of the world, afternoon siestas are part of the culture. Everything closes down for two hours midday. Our bodies are not designed to be constantly “on” throughout the day. Siestas allow people to remain fresh—in the mornings and in the afternoons. Human beings need to recharge. Also, sitting on your tail for ten hours a day strains your spine, muscles, nervous system, and adrenal glands—it causes a tremendous amount of stress. This can lead to burnout in a hurry. Taking the midday break, meditating, going for a power walk, and relaxing our minds and our bodies can keep you at the top of your game.

When you get off track with your daily renewal, remember the Persistence Principle (change happens one choice at a time—think progress, not perfection), and get back on track with your next choice.

Night-Time Renewal

This is a great time to spend with family and friends reading inspirational books and literature, reviewing your goals, reviewing the day, preparing for tomorrow, praying, or learning something new. Go to bed after you have tied up loose end—this creates peace of mind and frees up your energy. Incomplete tasks can pile up and burden you through the night—lowering your energy and your capacity to embrace the opportunities and challenges of the day.

What would be the ideal way to end your days? Do you like to end your days with a workout, reading, listening to music or gathering with friends or family? To ensure your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle, it is important that you make choices for how you start and end your days towards a more sensational century. Start now. Need some help? Find a provider near you.

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