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Read Books, Live Longer



Book lovers rejoice! A study conducted by Yale University has proven that reading books is directly tied to longevity. In other words, read books, live longer!

Adding Years

Specifically, people who read for three and a half hours per week or more were found to live almost 2 years longer (23 months to be exact) than people who didn’t read. The outcome was the same for all study participants, regardless of race, gender, education, or wealth.

Quantity and Quality

So, reading impacts our actual longevity and our quality of life. The act of reading keeps our brains alert, responsive, and engaged. The Yale study found that reading challenges the brain in two different ways – both emotional connection and deep reading.

According to Better Reading, “Emotional connection stems from readers learning to empathize with characters and their stories, which fosters social connection and enhances emotional intelligence. Similarly, deep reading – the process through which a reader engages with a book and attempts to contextualize it – helps reads to better understand themselves and the world, reducing stress and enhancing survival skills.”

More Time

So, in addition to the pure joy of reading – learning new things, being transported to foreign lands, and having new and different experiences – we now know that reading adds to longevity! More time to read and enjoy!

If you’ve fallen behind in your reading, now is the perfect time to dust off your library card. And it’s the perfect time to visit your chiropractor!

Protect Your Eyes, See Your Chiropractor

Remember, your spine protects your nerve system, the master control center of your body. Vital energy flows over your nerves and communicates with every cell – including your optic nerve. The best way to maintain the health and vitality of your entire body – including your eyes – is to take care of your spine!

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The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them. ~ Mark Twain




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