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At 14 years old I was diagnosed with scoliosis during a routine health screening at school. Throughout the years following, mid to low back pain became an ongoing issue. As a hairstylist in my twenties, standing up for hours at a time on a concrete floor with minimal support led to excruciating back pain due to the compression of the spinal vertebrae. It was during this time I realized I needed to find relief.

I began my search for reprieve and natural healing for the pain I tolerated daily. I was unable to lie down, stand or even sit for extended periods of time without experiencing some sort of discomfort. At times my back pain would cause me to wake up from sleeping, unable to find comfort and go back to sleep. During this time I started seeing a chiropractor, however I did not remain consistent with the care. To be honest, I thought it was a scam having to see the chiropractor 2-3 times a week for at least 6 weeks. Keep reading and you’ll see why I was wrong.

While learning about the anatomy and physiology of the human body years later in massage school, I began assessing myself as a patient. This newfound knowledge and awareness guided me to yoga as a way to take control and be proactive in my healing process.

However, although I enjoyed practicing yoga, indoor cycling was my thing at the time. It made me feel good, but after realizing the postural misalignment cycling can cause on the neck, shoulders, and back, I decided to focus more on yoga. With consistent practice, I began to notice results. As I became more aware of the needs of my body, and more in-tune to the subtleties it was communicating to me, I found I really appreciated the feedback my body was providing with each vinyasa, and each breath before, during and after practice. It wasn’t until I fell down several flights of stairs at home, that I began experiencing consistent neck and hip pain. I knew I had whiplash and that my hip pain was injured from the impact as well. The pain was probably compounded from years prior of being in two car accidents where I was hit from behind, and a trampoline injury where I attempted (and failed) at doing a backflip and landed on my neck.

When I learned about The 100 Year Lifestyle, and the importance of a healthy spine and nervous system, I decided to give chiropractic care another chance and not settle for the limitations and discomfort that had built up over time. Their office was located in the same building as Nava Sen Spa (the massage studio that I work at).

Not only did I appreciate the wisdom, science and expertise, the purpose and benefits of chiropractic care became increasingly clear to me. I should have paid more attention early as I pleasantly surprised how much it resonated with me. After only a few adjustments, and now with Lifestyle Care, I continue to notice:

  • A decrease in overall neck and hip pain
  • No more numbness or tingling down my arm in certain yoga poses
  • More flexibility in my upper and low back
  • My hips adjust naturally
  • More openness in my chest doing heart openers
  • Greater lung capacity
  • Increase in flexion during backbends
  • More awareness of the subtle energies within my body
  • More ease in spinal twists
  • Greater energy flow between the energy centers (aka “chakras”) along the spine during meditation
  • An increase in my desire to practice more
  • More mental clarity, peace of mind and emotional stability
  • Faster recovery in Savasana
  • Better alignment in yoga poses
  • An increase in desire to consume better, healthier food

With these observations, I’ve decided that living my 100 Year Lifestyle is important to me and chiropractic care is one of the greatest investments for my health I could make. I wish I would have found this sooner! Now, I look forward to my adjustments and my body craves optimum alignment and healthy nerve supply! My 17 year old son, a high level high school basketball player, has had phenomenal results as well, healing quickly from a knee injury and getting back on the court quickly. He hasn’t had any issues, pain or swelling since getting started with care.

I am excited to continue exploring and discovering the many health benefits of practicing yoga supported by chiropractic care for many years to come. I no longer suffer from scoliosis, and I’m beyond grateful. Thank you to The 100 Year Lifestyle message and the education about the importantce of chiropractic care!! Not only am I pain-free, I’m a better yogi too!

It’s never too late to begin practicing yoga or take your practice to your next level. Along with chiropractic care and massage therapy, it can help you live your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle. Schedule your appointment today!

This article by Kisha Crawford reprinted from www.the100YearLifestyle.com.

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