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Life’s a Circus!

Three months before her 100th birthday, Annie Duplock, former circus worker, checked an item off her bucket list. She took center stage at the Zippos Circus in England and became a human target for a knife thrower, the circus’ finale act. To Annie, it was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, and proof that life’s a circus!

Annie was all smiles as she leaned on her cane as the knives sped past her and landed, forming a rough outline of her body. Not necessarily the perfect birthday for many, but Annie told the BBC that she “really enjoyed the experience” and was ready for the next one!

Next Big Thing

Annie is living proof that no matter what your age is today, there is always a new “Next Big Thing” to commit yourself to. For Annie, she held onto that dream for decades – until her dream came true. And once it did, she announced she was ready for the next one – whatever that may be!

What is your Next Big Thing? What dream are you holding onto that you could, perhaps with a little help, have come true?

Key components of your 100 Year Lifestyle include passion, change, learning – and fun! What is your version of life’s a circus? What’s on your bucket list, waiting to be done?

Want to actually see the joy in Annie’s face as she had the knives thrown at her? Click here.

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