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Life Takes Nerve

Everything in your life that you consciously do, or your body does for you unconsciously, requires nerve supply. Everything!

Your body uses nerve supply to send communication signals back and forth between the brain, cells, tissues, organs and muscles.

Cells and Tissues

Healthy cellular function requires healthy nerve supply. Unhealthy nerve supply can cause your cells to function less than optimally effecting your health immediately and over time.

  • In bone marrow stem cells, which are responsible for repopulating an individuals red blood cells, the lack of sympathetic nerve supply changes expression of protein markers for the cell and a decrease in certain types of stem cells. (Dubovy)
  • The lack of innervation through the parasympathetic nervous system can change expression of immune of function cells, which in some animal studies has been shown to promote cancer growth. (Partek)
  • Neurons can even self-regulate their own blood supply. For example, vision associated neurons in the eye have been shown to regulate proteins associated with increase in local blood vessel development, thus these neurons can self-regulate the amount of blood supply needed for optimal function. (Usui)


Healthy organ function also requires healthy nerve supply. When nerve supply is interfered with or less than optimal, organ function can be altered. Many organ related health problems have a nerve component that is often ignored. Correcting the nerve component can improve recovery time, elilminate symptoms naturally and help the body to self correct.

  • Livers that have been transplanted and no longer reflect normal nervous system integration demonstrate altered ability to adapt and respond to the body’s needs with respect to insulin and glucose. (Perseghin)
  • Heart rate variability has been shown to change following a chiropractic adjustment- this is suggestive of changes in the parasympathetic nervous system. (Roy 2009)
  • In the Bolton’s article, it is revealed that an adjustment to the nervous system also creates changes in the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, gastrointestinal system, immune system, reproductive system, and autonomic functions.

Muscles and Bones

Healthy muscle function requires healthy nerve supply. This includes energy, replication, and adaptation. Many fitness enthusiasts plateau, have recurring injuries or minimize their potential by ignoring the neurological component of muscle function. Muscles are attached to bones and controlled by nerves. Proper spinal alignment and healthy nerve supply should be a priority for exercisers who want to enjoy their activities for a lifetime.

  • Lack of nerve supply increases expression of proteins associated with muscle atrophy (Asami, Gomes)
  • When a joint is fixated and not moving, it has been shown in animal studies to lead to changes in the shape and numbers of synapses located in the sensory portions of the spinal column. (Bakkum)
  • Also, when a vertebra is moved out of its normal position, stretching or contracting the small sensory muscle fibers that tell the body where it is in space, the firing patterns are altered and do not fully return to normal when the bone is restored to its proper position. A thrust, similar to a chiropractic adjustment, can bring the firing pattern back to towards normal. Altered firing patterns may lead to the brain not fully aware of where it is in space. (Pickar 2002, Ge 2005, Pickar 2014) Animal Study
  • Further in individuals with a history of neck pain, but no pain at the time of testing, have been shown to have different brain and cerebellum response patterns, and following a chiropractic adjustment, those response patterns become closer to individuals without a history of neck pain. These changes have also been noted as originating from the prefrontal cortex, an area of the brain associated with higher level planning and thought. (Daligadu,Baarbe, Lelic) Human Study

Life Takes Nerve

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