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Just Smile


When asked about his life, Angelo Capritta says, “I just smile about all the different things that happened to me.” At 100 years old, this centenarian has experienced a lot of different things, including being front and center at the Battle of the Bulge.

An independent thinker, Angelo defied orders in the field, but brought his team home safely. Once stateside, Angelo applied his independent thinking to problem solving. He learned that he had the “right mind for engineering.” Self-taught, he went on to win awards and patents in the field.

Upon retirement, Angelo realized had no domestic skills. He applied that same problem solving approach to cooking. Today he even bakes buns for hot dogs and hamburgers.

A creative soul, Angelo taught himself to paint, using his memories of his time in the Army during World War II to paint scenes from memory. He also taught himself to play the piano – when he was 95. Today he plays the extremely difficult Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” with ease.

Lifelong learning is clearly a mainstay of Angelo’s 100 Year Lifestyle. By continuing to learn new things he has created a richer, more fulfilling, happier life – and is still going strong at 100. He hasn’t let his age keep him from exploring different areas and finding new interests and passions – and mastering them.

Curious about Angelo’s one regret in life? You’ll be amazed by this. Keep reading.


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