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Instagram’s Dancing Nana



On Instagram she’s known as the dancing nana. Whether she’s doing the tush push at a family wedding or tap dancing at a local restaurant or community event, Shirley Goodman never stops moving. 

Keep Moving

At 100 years old, she still enjoys twirling on the dance floor. Shirley started dancing when she was eight years old, however, she enjoys all kinds of movement. She FaceTime’s with her daughter, Joan, daily – and they do yoga together.

According to Shirley, she feels great and 100 is just a number to her. She lives independently in Florida, but enjoys the company of her four children, 10 grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren.


Shirley’s love of life, constant movement, good relationships, and positive attitude are all a part of her 100 Year Lifestyle that’s kept her dancing at 100% for 100 years…and counting.

Shirley is one of today’s centenarians who are teaching us that growing older is not a one-way ticket to deterioration and inactivity. You can tell by looking at any of her Instagram posts that her way of aging is full of excitement and opportunity. And yours can too,  if you combine the right attitude with the right actions.

Progress, Not Perfection

However, it’s important to note that Shirley’s “dancing nana” lifestyle hasn’t been “perfect.” At 100 Year Lifestyle we’ve always said that healthy longevity is about progress, not perfection, and that the journey lasts until your last breath of life. Curious about what lifestyle choices Shirley doesn’t quite have a handle on yet? Keep reading.


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