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Innate Life Expectancy

Your innate life expectancy is greater than you think. We see this longevity potential through the 100-year-old people who are celebrating birthdays, doing yoga, setting running records and skydiving. You can also look around your neighborhood and notice the number of nursing homes, assisted living and Alzheimer’s care centers that are popping up.

Consider these statistics:

– The Pew Research Center predicts that the number of 100 year old people will increase by 800 percent between now and 2050.
– The May 2013 cover article of National Geographic focuses on the probability that some of today’s children will live to be 120 years old.
– By 2060, approximately 60 percent of girls born in the UK will live to be 100, according to the analysis, which was published by Britain’s Office of National Statistics.

People are living longer than ever but sadly for many, they are not quality years. Too many of them are rotting away in nursing homes unable to capitalize on their golden years. Their plight has skewed our view of aging giving many of us trepidation and fear about the reality of our extended life span.

This does not have to be the case for you or your loved ones if you acknowledge your Innate Life Expectancy and change the way you live your life.

It is not because of their age that these people are suffering. Their generation had no clue they were going to live so long. They were blindsided by their extended lives; many of them living 50 years longer than science expected.

They didn’t know they were going to live this long, so they didn’t know how to take care of themselves to optimize their quality of life.

We are the first generation in history that is getting the advanced notice that whether we like it or not, want to or not, we will probably live longer than we ever thought. Our generation must live differently by making healthy, 100 Year Lifestyle choices rather than waiting for a crisis and then having to rely on a life-saving miracle.

From the moment you were conceived, you were blessed with the blueprints for an Innate Life Expectancy to 80, 90, 100 years and beyond. There have even been some experts who have said that we have the potential to live to 150 with quality years.

More important than just getting to 80, 90, 100 years and beyond is getting there in style with the health and vitality.

Change your life. Dive into the the 100 Year Lifestyle Resources, keep your spine and nervous system healthy with Chiropractic Lifestyle Care and enjoy a sensational century! See you at your next appointment.

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