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His First 100




Joe Laird is a cool guy with an amazing sense of humor. Turning 100 hasn’t changed any of that. Joe says he’s celebrating his “first 100.” 

This Kiwi was born in Whanganui, New Zealand. He was christened Lawrence Charles Laird, but at the age of four he decided that he would be called Joe. When asked why, he said “No one else was called Joe.” 

When greeting visitors, before “hello,” Joe says “nil desperandum carborundum.” It’s something he learned during the war. It means “don’t let the bast**ds grind you down.” He laughs when he says it.

Joe served in both the Queen Alexandra’s Mounted Rifles and the Royal New Zealand Air Force during World War II. He returned home to marry his wife of 72 years, Joan Reading. Together they raised a family, owned a business, and bought a home for Joe’s parents before they bought one for themselves. 

Joe’s life, by all accounts, was one of service, hard work, family, and laughter. It’s a fact that laughter releases endorphins, otherwise known as the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. The more you release, the better you feel. Laughter also increases blood flow, which improves the overall function of blood vessels. A study from Norway confirms that people with a strong sense of humor outlive those who don’t laugh as much. 

Joe might very well end up having the last laugh in life, since he’s showing no signs of stopping at 100. That’s what we call healthy, and fun, longevity!

When speaking of their father, Joe’s children refer to him as a hard worker, adventurous, and with a great sense of humor. They say something about Joe’s that few parents hear. Curious? Keep reading.  

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