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Helping People is Important

Helping people is important — and something everyone should do if they can. So says centenarian Etta Jamieson of Nova Scotia. While she has been knitting caps and vests for children in need for 30 years, she decided to take on a challenge for her 100th birthday. She celebrated her birthday by achieving her goal of knitting 100 caps in the year leading up to special day. She had to hustle a bit towards the end, but she hit her mark! Etta believes that the secret to aging gracefully is helping others.

She’s already started on her next year’s goal of 101 caps by her 101st birthday. Long before she picked up the needles and yarn, Etta was helping people. She and her late husband and their friends would go to nursing homes. They would play music, sing, and dance with the residents. According to Etta, “We always felt better when we did those things. We got as much enjoyment out of it as they did and I think it makes you feel better and I like to feel positive about things.” Her advice for living a long life? “Don’t dwell on sad things or hard times. Keep happy and keep laughing. Get lots of rest.”

Clearly, Etta has things figured out. She’s arthritis free, loves cake, is planning for the future, and living a good life of service every day. Find out more of Etta’s secrets here.


Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others. – Booker T. Washington



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