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Heal Your Mind – Heal Your Body

“Today, there are volumes of data exploring and documenting the effect that one’s attitude, thought and focused visualization has on the prevention and reversal of biological disease.”

“More often, it is your thought patterns and environment that ignite either spectacular health or disastrous disorder. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, which is written in stone in the greater academic community, preaches that it has taken many generations to alter the DNA of the person you are today. On the contrary, Quantum Biology has now cracked open the revolutionary truth that you can change your DNA in a split second by your thoughts alone.”


Brian Clement, Ph.D., LN, Co-Director, Hippocrates Health Institute

Quantum Biology

Dr. Clement continues, “Our Comprehensive Cancer Wellness Program (CCWP), led by Dr. Jan Hranicky, Ph.D., MD, specifically focuses on brain change to achieve remission of disease. Her decades of work and research, beginning as the partner of Dr. Carl Simonton, have enriched her extraordinary knowledge base. Leading participants in the direction of a relaxed mind with guided imagery in reversing their malady, Dr. Hranicky is able to empower them to utilize their own self-healing capacity. This cutting-edge science is discussed in detail in my upcoming book, Quantum Human Biology. Others in the field of Quantum Science are rapidly accruing exceptional data that profiles this new system of health care.”

The Shift in Self-Care

“Until now, the patient has been mostly subservient to the practitioner. Self-care is the practice where the practitioner leads the patient into their inherent ability to self-heal. Historically, terms like spontaneous remission, and placebo effect, have been applied to such activity. It was thought that such radical remission occurred only by chance.

We are now establishing the blueprint that will explain the mechanisms of thought over disorder. Not unlike a dream, you had of creating a piece of art, or building your home and then achieving it, thinking of peaceful and whole well-being can also be accomplished by your conscious commitment to healing.”

Calming Resistance

“Most often, the nemesis to recovery is the constant anguish we harbor when fighting disease. Once we are able to stop the fight and tune in to the universal channel of well-being, what happens appears like magic. You start self-realizing your own health and well-being. On a consistent basis, our guests report the size of their tumor has reduced, or the pain in their body has warned.

Most importantly, our medical team observes dynamic and dramatic shifts in blood profiles. We further gain insight into the remarkable phenomena of healing by testing each guest with biofeedback technology. As they navigate through their programs here at Hippocrates, and release their baggage, there is an almost unanimous improvement in the way their physical and emotional pathways function.”

The Frequency of Healing

“Not so far in the future, we will move from the chemical clutches of pharmaceutical medicine to the subtle, yet powerful, a world of frequency healing. Science has recently established that chemistry is one hundred times less effective than energy on shifting physical disorders. We are cerebral beings, practicing the ritual of conventional science, forgetting that our heart is five thousand times more powerful in establishing recovery.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are moving into a new frontier, where old-school notions will slip to the wayside and be replaced by consciousness and quantum biology.

Fear is the greatest enemy to progress. Although difficult, those who are comfortable standing for antiquated theories must move out of the way and permit new discoveries to guide us. Healing is achievable when the heart is employed and the head let’s go.

Each recovery that I have had the privilege to observe is a spectacular, courageous act of self-realization, manifested in a physical outcome. These measurable shifts in anatomy are becoming the greatest aspiration for advanced thinkers.

We must all remove the historic chains of limited thinking so that we can become explorers in the invisible world of bio-frequency medicine. Heal your mind and your body will follow. This simple, yet profound act is your key to future harmony and well-being.

Love Yourself

Be a loving warrior of self-acceptance, taking full responsibility for all that you think, do, and express. Never divert your attention or blame others for your self-created reality. Be loving and gentle with yourself, yet relentless in your pursuit toward self-realized well-being. It is no longer about what has happened to me, but rather what will I make happen. Your depth of powerful potential is endless and uncompromising. There is nothing that you are incapable of once you commit yourself to the conquest of normality. Homeostasis, which is the ultimate balance, will come once you manifest your purest and highest values.”

Hippocrates Health Institute

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