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Guiding Light

Joe Smith, who just turned 100, has been working at the same firm for 57 years. His employer calls him the company’s guiding light. This boss has reaped the benefits of having a dedicated, sharp employee handling the finances of his various companies for a long time.

Joe’s 100 Year Lifestyle has allowed him to stay active and keep his mind sharp, two things he is extremely grateful for. In fact, Joe has considered retirement, and dismissed the idea! His exact words regarding retirement were, “Not now. Not ever.  If I was to quit work — I’ve worked all my life — I’d probably get old and sick.”

Like so many others, Joe is finding that age is just a number and retirement is a choice. According to U.S. News & World Report, it’s not uncommon for baby boomers to continue to work into the 60s, 70s, and even 80s. With more and more people adopting 100 Year Lifestyles, health, longevity, and vitality are going hand in hand well beyond set retirement dates.

While Joe may have slowed down a bit, he hasn’t stopped. Instead he continues to be the guiding light of his company, and a valuable member of his community. To find out more about what gets Joe up in the morning, keep reading.

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