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Meredith Wilshere clearly loves her nonagenarian grandmother, Grosi. Not only is it clear in her writing that she loves her, but she’s also impressed with 91-year-old Grosi and the way she lives life. According to Meredith, Grosi  has got ever-expanding horizons. Sounds like an amazing 100 Year Lifestyle we would all be impressed with!

Seniors take note here. You’re probably being watched. It isn’t likely that Meredith is the only daughter, granddaughter, or great-granddaughter watching their loved one for tips on living well regardless of your age. While three of Meredith’s grandparents lived into their 90’s, it’s Grosi who is still going strong with a tremendous zest for life.

Social Butterfly

According to Meredith, Grosi is a social butterfly, actually an international social butterfly. Even when not traveling she keeps a busy social calendar, tends her garden, makes new friends, and seeks out new adventures. She’s as adept at talking or texting on her cell phone as she is at striking up a conversation with a stranger in line at a store. 

Meredith is sure that one of the secrets to Grosi’s healthy longevity is the relationships and connections she has. She’s always collecting new experiences and new stories – hers and other people’s – to share with the next friend she makes. 

Grosi is also a talented and charming hostess. Meredith has many memories of Grosi hosting gatherings filled with music and lively conversation. Meredith has taken particular notice of how Grosi treats everyone with kindness and respect. She has a great attitude, a wonderful sense of humor, and is always in good spirits. 

Grosi celebrated her 91st birthday with Meredith and family in Las Vegas. She travels domestically, and internationally to Switzerland to visit family. Always on the move, Grosi is always expanding her horizons with new experiences, new people, and new places. 

By all accounts, Grosi has mastered her 100 Year Lifestyle. And as Meredith says, she shows no signs of slowing down. Meredith says her grandmother’s lifestyle might hold the answer to an epidemic of sorts that is being experienced around the globe right now. Curious? Keep reading…

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