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Maurine Loopstra proudly wears her new post workout jersey that reads “Maurine 100 Established 1923.” Maurine turned 100 on a Tuesday. On Wednesday she was back in the pool at her local YMCA.

Maurine has been attending the 10 a.m. water aerobics class at her local Y in Anchorage, Alaska since the day the Y opened – almost 60 years ago. She and 50+ others show up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for an hour of exercise and camaraderie. Maurine says the “Y” in YMCA stands for yakking.

For Maurine and her cohorts, the exercise and community are equally important. The class has a secretary who will call people who don’t show up – just to make sure they’re ok. The class instructor for the past 30 years is clear that the fellowship is an important component in keeping mind, body, and spirit working together. 

Maurine and her colleagues gather in the lounge (which is named after Maurine) after the hour-long class to drink coffee and “yak.” According to Maurine, the secret to her healthy longevity is, “Keep moving and upbeat people!”

It sounds like Maurine is going strong with good relationships and exercise as mainstays of her 100 Year Lifestyle. No one wants to live to 100 alone. But with great friends, a community she loves, and all the health benefits of water aerobics, Maurine is far from alone, and potentially has many more wonderful years to go!

However, there are a few bumps in the road. Curious about the place Maurine calls “icy alley?” Keep reading.

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