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Environmental Stress


Major storms and extreme weather seem to be hitting at an accelerated rate. For those in the path of a hurricane or in a flood zone—or for anyone dealing with the anxiety and hardship of evacuation or relocation—these events can have a variety of negative impacts on health. It’s called environmental stress, and it’s real.


In terms of your well-being, the stress you may feel from environmental disruptions can be debilitating. Traumatic stress and even PTSD sometimes occur in people who face natural disasters, but any victim of environmental interference can be subject to increased stress. 

So how do you respond after a challenging event, and get your mind and body back on track?

Getting Beyond Stress

It has been found that some people recover more quickly from stress. They are the ones who are the most self-sufficient in caring for their own well-being. The inference is that getting beyond stress is often about how you adapt. Taking a proactive approach is a key to coping with and overcoming stress.

Chiropractic Response

Following hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the Chiropractic Emergency Response Team (CERT) went on location. They provided complimentary adjustments to the first responders and many of the storm victims. The results were fantastic and attracted local and national attention.

“The CERT are the first responders for first responders,. The recipients of the care appreciate the help,” said Kimberly Goreham, a CERT partner, along with founder Dr. Rick Wren.


How do you know if an environmental interference has increased your stress levels to the point where you should take action? You may experience typical symptoms of acute stress like headaches or nausea, sleep disorders, or flashbacks. These are signals that you are out of balance, and that it is time to take positive steps to regain your natural equilibrium and health.

Innate Intelligence

Your body has an Innate Intelligence that keeps you healthy and helps you recover and heal from both physical and mental traumas. The psychological and  physical stress of a powerful weather event like a hurricane taxes the resources of your body and mind. The experience can overwhelm you and interfere with your body’s built-in capacity to adapt. 

Nervous System

Poor diet, increased use of alcohol and other ill-advised coping methods will also negatively affect your nervous system and body as a whole. This is especially true when your nervous system has been previously compromised by conditions such as spinal subluxations, something the CERT addressed in their care of first responders.

Seek Support

When stressful events occur, take a look at your lifestyle, and seek out support from friends and loved ones, and holistic-minded health care providers like 100 Year Lifestyle Affiliated chiropractors who can help you bring your nervous system and life back into balance.

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