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Desired and Feared

“Growing old may be the only event in life that is both desired and feared,” according to Diane Halpern, former president of the American Psychological Association. In 2017, a study of more than 1,600 college students revealed that only 26.4% would choose to live to 100. What was behind these numbers? The participants said that they were afraid of having dementia, developing a physical disability, or becoming a burden to others. 

A Part of Life

The fact is fear has always been an emotion that is a part of life. Either we learn to live with it, we allow it to limit us and our experiences, we move beyond it, or we use it to our advantage. Chances are, we do all of those things at one point or another during our lifetimes. 

At The 100 Year Lifestyle we have talked about fear in the past. We’ve looked at The Epidemic of Fear and Fear as a Weapon. However, we have not, until now, looked at fear as a motivator. We have never looked closely at using our fear to our advantage. If you fear growing old, that fear could be the exact motivator you need to start living your 100 Year Lifestyle today – regardless of your age. 

Not Negative or Positive

Fear is defined as an unpleasant feeling triggered by the perception of danger, real or imagined. Fear isn’t necessarily a negative or a positive by definition. It’s how we handle our fear that makes it negative or positive. 

What if you could actually learn to appreciate and utilize your fear? What if it could be a useful tool in living 100:100, at 100% for 100 years or more? Well, you can. Here’s just a few of the possible ways.

A Development Coach

Think of your fear as your own personal development coach. The one place where we don’t experience fear is in our comfort zone. In our comfort zone we are content and complacent. Both of those things keep us from making changes, trying new things, or improving ourselves in any way. Put even one toe outside of that zone and there’s fear. What if you recognized fear when trying something outside your comfort zone as a resource to help you raise your standards, improve your lifestyle, grow as a person, and thrive?

A Call to Change Perspective

When life throws us a curveball (as it often does) and we find ourselves in a position where we are fearing failure or loss, see that as a call to change your perspective. Look closely at your situation and see what you can do to proactively make changes. Take control of the situation. For example, if you lose your job, don’t see it as something irreplaceable being taken from you. Instead, realize it is time to move onto something better and take the opportunity to follow your dreams and expand your horizons.

Stepping Stone

Don’t let fear paralyze you. Instead, see it as an important stepping stone in your journey. Fear is designed to keep you where you are and not let you move forward into possibilities. It wants you to play small in life and let others make your decisions for you. See fear as the emotion that it is. Often your fear is made-up – not based on reality. Recognize that and use it as your own personal engine to push through challenges and achieve things you never dreamed were possible – but are!

Longevity Opportunity

At 100 Year Lifestyle we know that taking responsibility for your own health can take you outside of your comfort zone. Looking at the possibility of living to 100 or beyond can be scary. But don’t let your fear paralyze you. Instead, recognize this birthright longevity as your opportunity to improve your health and the health of your loved ones today

The 100 Year Lifestyle website is filled with articles that will explain to you how amazing your body and its Innate Intelligence are. You can also learn everything about your nervous system and how to care for it.

And to help you turn those fears to  your advantage and support you on your journey, find a 100 Year Lifestyle provider near you. Make your healthy longevity a desire – and reality!


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