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Dancing Through Life

Eileen Kramer has been dancing through life for 108 years now…and counting. This Australian dancer and “all-around creative powerhouse” began dancing 90 years ago. Still, today, she finds no difficulty in doing daily movement exercises. These exercises involve shifting her body weight, turning, stretching, and proper breathing.

Many might think that this type of activity is extraordinary for someone her age. However, Eileen doesn’t think about her age much. She says she is too busy living in the present and doing things she is interested in. In addition to dancing, she is an actress, painter, costume designer, choreographer, model, filmmaker, and published author. While ageism or lack of confidence might hold others – of all ages – back, not so for Eileen. Instead, she focuses on continuing to create interesting life experiences. Her advice is that all older people focus on this as well. “Stop saying ‘I can’t do this now because I’m older or I have a grandchild’ – forget it! I don’t think about age and it doesn’t stop me from creating a dance.”

Clearly, Eileen has lived her life tapping into her creativity. She has someone whose life has been active, healthy, and fun for 108 years now. She isn’t someone who just managed to live to 100. No. She is living her dream, her 100:100, 100% for 100 years or more. If you’d like to go dancing through life like Eileen, keep reading to learn more about her insights and life story. To see a video of her dancing, check out her website.


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