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Crossfitters and Chiropractic

CrossFit is Hot

CrossFit is hot and getting hotter. It has become the next big thing on the workout scene finding its way on ESPN where the CrossFit Games have aired to find the fittest people on earth. CrossFit’s philosophy is that their workouts are high-intensity functional movements, constantly varied and filled with pushups, pull-ups, jump rope, Olympic-style lifting, box jumps, running, and tractor tire flips. These workouts push the human body to achieve the next level of fitness.

The Chiropractic Connection

In the 2013 CrossFit Games the connection between Chiropractic and elite fitness was made apparent as 100 Year Lifestyle Licensed Affiliate Chiropractors, Dr. Devin Waterman and Dr. Brent Waterman of San Ramon, CA, teamed up to run the sports injury tent.

The majority of the top athletes at the games are under Chiropractic Lifestyle Care and many athletes lined up for their adjustments prior to competing. They understand that if their spine and nervous system are not working properly they cannot perform at their best or recover as quickly for their next event.

CrossFit athletes who received chiropractic adjustments for the first time were inspired by the improvements in their performance while those already under care wanted to ensure their competitive edge.

Northern California CrossFit regional athlete Dusty Sulon, AKA “The Dark Knight” gets checked for vertebral subluxations once a week, not because he has to, but because he understands the importance of a properly functioning spine and nervous system. He states, “I owe many of my personal records to Chiropractic Care.” Many CrossFit athletes nationwide feel the same way.

Dr. Kristin Dominguez, another 100 Year Lifestyle Affiliate, is involved in the CrossFit community in Atlanta and takes care of many of the athletes at gyms and competitions. As a competitor herself, Dr. Dominguez understands firsthand the importance of a healthy spine and nerve system.

CrossFit workouts test the strength and mobility of the human frame and in doing so can place excessive stress on the body. Athletes learn their physical weaknesses quickly and often look for professional help to keep them strong. The spine is used for loading and setting up the extremities for proper biomechanics. The nervous system is the brain’s connection to muscles, tissues and cells.

CrossFitters and elite athletes in all sports understand that the health of both the spine and nervous system are vital and are directly connected to their performance. No wonder so many people in the CrossFit community have embraced chiropractic care.

Performance is about Lifestyle Care

These athletes understand that performance is about Lifestyle Care not Crisis Care. They care for their body like a race car. It doesn’t only get serviced when it is broken down. Before it is pushed to the limits everything is checked and adjusted so it can perform well on the track. However, unlike a race car that can have all of its parts replaced over time, you only have one spine and nervous system for a lifetime. Keeping it healthy should be your top priority.

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