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Bigness Within You

There is a Bigness within you and it’s not about your size. It’s the amazing Innate Intelligence that runs your body which cannot be duplicated in a laboratory. Indeed, if you tried to duplicate it, your efforts would drain all the money in the world with no guarantee of success.

$6 Million Human

Yale University Biophysicist, Dr. Harold J. Morowitz, has confirmed scientifically that a pound of human flesh is worth about $111,475 and a whole body around $6 million. “Those prices only cover the raw materials, the hormones, proteins, enzymes, RNA, DNA, amino acids, and other complex biochemicals that are the stuff of life,” Dr. Harold J. Morowitz says.

“Fashioning the $6 million dollar chemical shopping list into human cells might cost $6,000,000,000,000,000 (six thousand trillion dollars),” Morowitz estimates. “Assembling the resulting heap of cells into tissue, the tissue into organs, and the organs into a warm body might drain all the treasures of the world, with no guarantee of success.”


Fortunately, the blueprints and the know-how to assemble the raw materials into your warm body were present at the moment you were conceived. Your Innate Intelligence stays with you every day and coordinates the massive amount of functions that occur every second in your body using your nervous system as its conduit. Unquestionably, these numbers are staggering as well:

A fully formed human brain contains 100 billion neurons or nerve
cells and gives off the equivalent power of a 20 watt light bulb.
The human brain has the storage capacity of 100 trillion bits of
information over the course of 70 years, equal to 500,000 sets of the Encyclopedia Britannica books, which, when stacked, would reach 442 miles high.
You have 45 miles of nerves in your body that send impulses as rapidly as 325 miles per hour. Your brain and your body communicate instantly.

Innate Intelligence

The amount of work that is coordinated by your Innate Intelligence over your nervous system is incomprehensible. Think about this:

Breathing one pint of air 17 times a minute, we take in 78 million gallons in an average life span, enough to fill the Hindenburg airship one and a half times.
8,000,000 new red blood cells are produced in the bone marrow every second.
2100 gallons of blood are pumped through 62,000 miles of blood
vessels in a day.
Your heart pumps enough blood in an average lifetime to fill the
fuel tanks of 56 moon rockets.

Bigness Within

So, as long as you are alive and breathing, this Bigness within you is present. Certainly, it is present and striving to heal you when you are sick or injured. This Bigness keeps you functioning at your full potential for 80, 90, 100 years and beyond. Unfortunately, there can be interference to the function of your nervous system. This interference can be from injuries that occur in the spine called vertebral subluxations. These spinal problems can be caused by birth trauma, childhood falls, stress, poor posture, accidents or other injuries which can affect your health on many levels.

Additionally, research shows that pressure equivalent to the weight of a dime can reduce spinal nerve transmission. Nerve compression can exist without pain. After just two weeks, it can leave serious damage to the nerves and the parts of your body supplied by those nerves.

The chiropractic care we provide can locate and remove this interference so the Bigness within you is freed up to do its job to the best of its ability. Whether you have symptoms or not, this checkup may be the most important decision you make this year. Make it today and don’t wait for a crisis. The bottom line says you are worth it! Find a 100 Year Lifestyle Provider near you today!

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