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Baby, It’s Cold

The song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” may have been written in 1944, but it’s still popular today. However, our point of reference towards the cold might just have changed since then. Today cold, in some cases extreme cold, is seen as a means to healthy longevity!

The research suggests that regular exposure to cold in small, safe doses could boost metabolism, improve energy and mood, and protect the body from some side effects of aging. The good news is, if you hate the cold, you could get similar effects just by exercising regularly. The other good news is, if  you hate exercising, cold might be the way to go! A fast, cold shower is believed to help regulate the immune system to prevent illness!

Athletes have long used ice baths post workouts or games to help with aching muscles. While not everyone would agree, there is research that suggests that ice might provide pain relief, minimize fatigue, and improve recovery. Even actors have been giving extreme cold therapy a try. Action hero actor Chris Hemsworth recently took a swim in freezing Arctic waters to experience it for himself. A mere 39 years old, Chris obviously has his eye on his own healthy longevity. While the experience was filmed for his most recent TV show, “Limitless: The Path to Longevity,” there is a personal take-away to the experience. Find out more of what Chris learned from his oh-so-cold dip, here.


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