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As Independent as Ever



Vincent Dransfield drives himself when he runs his errands. He cooks for himself, does his own chores, and walks between the basement, first, and second floors of his home where he lives alone – all without complaint. He’s as independent as ever, and he’s 109! If you ask him, Vincent will tell you he feels perfect!

Sharing Secrets

New Jersey native and retired firefighter, Vincent is very clear on the secrets to his longevity. Raised on a farm, Vincent drinks a cup of milk a day. He says it’s what got him through the Great Depression and gave him a healthy start in life. He also stays active, remains positive, spends time doing what he loves, and allows himself to “indulge in what makes him happy,” including Italian food, hamburgers, chocolate and other sweets.

Keep on Living

Perhaps the most notable aspects of Vincent’s 100 Year Lifestyle are his optimism, incredibly active lifestyle, and his love of his work. Vincent himself says “I keep positive. I never think any other way when something’s wrong.” His granddaughter noted that Vincent, “always had such a positive upbeat attitude, even when my grandmother passed away. He lived for her, but he was determined to keep on living.”

Being Happy

Clearly, Vincent’s resiliency can, in part, be attributed to his family and close knit social circle.  He has one child, three grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren. Additionally, he spent 80 years on his local fire department, and even served as chief for a period of time. Being part of that community has meant a great deal to him, made him happy, and has been a source of strong friendships and bonds.

His work as a firefighter keep Vincent moving and physically fit. He claims he never went to a gym in his life. According to his granddaughter, structured exercise is a source of amusement for her grandfather. He always laughs when he sees people jogging. At 109 and counting, who can say he’s wrong? Want to learn more about this amazing centenarians life and lifestyle? Keep reading.





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