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A World Best

What type of new hobby do you think you might pick up when you’re 73? And do you think that you’ll hold a World Best title in it at the age of 100? Is that something you can even imagine? Well, 100-year-old Charlotte Sanddal didn’t plan things to work out that way when she first jumped into the pool at the age of 73. But that’s exactly what happened.

Now, 27 years later, she’s still swimming. In fact, since she turned 100, she’s already broken one world record in the 200 freestyle and set at least four new world records in her age category, according to a news release from the World Senior Games. Sanddal says the she is fortunate to not take any medication and be free of any illness. The key, she says, is swimming. It’s hard to argue with her!

Swimming is a great activity for people of any age. It is a low impact sport that keeps your heart rate up. It builds endurance, muscle strength, and cardiovascular fitness. It gives your whole body a workout – including your lungs! It improves flexibility, alleviates stress, and improves coordination, balance, and posture. Need more proof before you jump in the deep end? Read the rest of Charlotte’s story here.


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