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105 and Counting

Helen Marrese has a tradition. Every year on her birthday she says, “Maybe one more year.” This year she turned 105 and counting. Yes, she’s already looking ahead to her 106th birthday. At her party over fifty people including four generations of family, ages 5 to 105, got together to celebrate.

Helen has 11 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. He oldest great-grandchild is 28 and her oldest granddaughter is 62. Apparently, being surrounded by all these generations, including living in her own  home with her granddaughter who takes care of her, is keeping Helen young at heart. Relationships are an integral part of the 100 Year Lifestyle and living 100:100. The fact is, no one wants to live to 100 alone. We all must rely upon the company and comfort of others in order to thrive in this life.  Having that surround support system helped Helen survive the death of her husband, a stroke at age 100, and throat cancer at 105.

And yet, she is still thriving at 105 (and counting)! She wakes up every day by herself at 8 a.m., makes her bed, and dresses. She still pays gin rummy, won’t miss watching “The Price is Right,” and loves seafood. Helen’s family and friends say she’s still “unbelievable.” Keep reading to find out why!



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