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100 Healthy Days Week 1 – Compelling Vision & Life-Long Change

In addition to the exceptional chiropractic care that our office provides, we are committed to helping you improve your health and lifestyle with the following 100 Healthy Days resources!

What If You Knew You Would Live To 100? Take Advantage of the Advanced Notice

Calculate your M-PYR. Calculate your family’s M-PYR. Learn from the advanced notice your parents and grandparents are giving you about your longevity potential. Make life choices for the long haul. Start planning your 100 Year Lifestyle today, so you can experience a life of lasting health, wealth, prosperity, partnership, and purpose as you age. Your minimum potential years remaining are not your maximum.

Click this link to calculate your and your family’s M-PYR! 





Put the Three Life-Changing Principles to Work for You

Life-Changing Principle #1: The Magnet Principle- Change is easy, thinking about change is hard.

Life-Changing Principle #2: The Persistence Principle: Change Comes one choice at a time. Think progress, not perfection.

Life-Changing Principle #3: The Compelling Principle- If you are going to make a change, make it with your long-term vision in mind

Listen to our 100YL Podcast on the Three Life-Changing Principles! 




Change Is Easy. Thinking about Change Is Hard

Change happens one choice at a time. Think progress, not perfection. Approach change with your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle in mind. Listen to our 100YL Podcast “DOMINO EFFECT TO A BETTER LIFE”. Listen to how you too can find vision, direction, and real-world answers for your life’s work, health, weight, and energy while also seeing exciting hope and changes in your children’s well-being like 100YL member Erica Salazar did. You will appreciate the real and raw nature of this conversation!

Listen to Podcast 15- Domino Effect to a Better Life





Choose Quality-of-Life Motivation—Not Crisis Motivation

Allowing crisis to motivate you to change keeps you in your old patterns and issues. Choose quality of life motivation over the crisis approach to change. That way, you will avoid many painful, unnecessary detours along the way. To make changes that last, you will need to consciously decide what your primary motivation is. Will you be crisis motivated or quality of life motivated?

Read more about choosing lasting changes on our 100YL article, Motivation for Lasting Change. 





Choose Up to Three Areas to Change

What are the priority areas of your life you want to change? Whether it is your health, your finances, your work, or relationships, choose up to three and start titrating change into them today. Lasting change is easy when you allow yourself to build momentum.

Read more about what changes you can make on our 100YL article, Action Plan for a Lasting Change. 






Approach Change with Your Ideal 100 Year Lifestyle in Mind

Choose your focus. Your best life choices are ones that will positively impact your life both today and when you are 60, 70, 80, 90, or 100. This focus will give you a foundation of clear and lasting commitment to becoming the best you.








The Rest of Your Life Can Be the Best of Your Life

Dare yourself! Make it a sensational century. Live and leave your best life legacy as you learn how to live longer, healthier, and wiser than any other generation in history.







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