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100 Healthy Days™ Week 3- 100 Year Lifestyle FitNESS

In addition to the chiropractic care that our office is providing you and your family, following

The 100 Year Lifestyle FitNESS Principles will help you function better for a lifetime.


Neurology=Function. Neurology comes first! Your nervous system controls and coordinates all your body functions, including your muscles, organs, and systems. You must have a healthy nervous system for your heart to beat, your lungs to breathe, and your balance to be stable. Therefore, many top athletes and performers in the world utilize chiropractic care as a central part of their fitness program. Be sure to get your spine and nervous system checked by a 100 Year Lifestyle Affiliate Chiropractor! Find a Chiropractor near you.

Read about FitNESS on our 100YL article, Performance 100.


Nutrition = Fuel. Your nutritional habits will fuel your life. Consuming a diet filled with organic fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, very low sugar, and processed foods should be the way you eat as a lifestyle. Isn’t it time you get off the weight-loss roller coaster, cleanse, and make healthy eating a daily habit? This will sustain you not just while getting into shape but will keep you healthier as you age. Check out our podcast Episode 13: NATURAL HEALING FROM HIPPOCRATES. In this episode, Dr. Eric Plasker interviews Brian Clement, ND, Director of the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, where people travel from all over the world to heal from chronic disease. They discuss nutrition, cleansing, the nervous system, environment, mental health strategies, and much more they can make a difference for you right away!

Listen to Podcast 13- Natural Healing From Hippocrates


Endurance=Longevity. Life is a marathon, one sprint at a time. Through cardiovascular exercise, which includes walking, running, bike riding, and any activity that will increase your heart rate, you will strengthen your cardiovascular system. Start slow and steady, be consistent, and increase the frequency, intensity, and duration of your endurance training as time goes by. You will be amazed at how your body progresses.

Read more about endurance in our 100YL article, Get Your ESS in Shape.


Strength= Independence. If you want to be independent as you age, you must make your strength a priority today. Whether you use weights or do strength training through yoga, Pilates, or other plyometric training, it is important to keep yourself strong as a part of a lifestyle.

Read more about strength and FitNESS on our 100YL article, Performance 100.






Structure= Activity. The health of your structure will determine the level of activity you can enjoy. Having a healthy, straight, strong spine is vital to your quality-of-life and fitness in the short and long-term. This is another reason why chiropractors have become a central figure on the healthcare team for millions of people, including the U.S. Olympic Team.

Being active and independent will be an important factor in your immediate and long-term happiness. Follow these Performance 100 principles, live your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle and enjoy the quality of life you deserve.



Don’t Eat Any Processed Food. Choose organic and Glyphosate-free! Learn how to shop for foods without Glyphosate in our 100YL article, Glyphosate-Free Shopping.

Mental/Emotional Health

Meditate, Write in Your Journal, Listen to a Podcast, Take Time for Self-Care, Express Gratitude, Read a Book.

Checkout our 100YL Podcast! In this episode, Dr. Eric Plasker interviews Dr. Patrick Porter of Brain Tap Technologies on how you can optimize your brain function at any age. Nobody wants to get older and lose their faculties along the way. This is not necessary.

With new research on Neuroplasticity and the brain’s ability to forge new pathways, this information is extremely timely as our population ages.

Do you have aging parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents? Do you want to keep yourself and your family sharp through every stage of life?

Tune in! You will love Dr. Porter’s message!

Listen to Podcast 8- Optimizing Your Brain for Longevity with Dr. Patrick Porter

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