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100 Healthy Days Week 2- Discovering Youthful Energy at Any Age

Take Your Personal Energy Inventory

Become aware of all the places that you let your energy leak out into the atmosphere. Choose energy-enhancing thoughts, actions, and feelings and begin to make them a part of who you are.

Read more about taking your personal energy inventory on our 100YL article, Your Personal Energy Inventory. 

Understand The 5 Dominant Energy Patterns

  • 1) Destructive Pattern
  • 2)Survival Pattern
  • 3)Complacency Pattern
  • 4)Comfort Pattern
  • 5) Human Potential Pattern

Decide which dominant energy pattern you are in and begin to identify your personal human potential pattern. Begin making choices following the Three Life-Changing Principles that support your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle where you are living at your best every day.

Make the Midstream Catch a Habit

Have a 100 percent conscious day. Take it all in and be honest with yourself about when you are destructive, in survival, complacent, comfortable, and when you are at your best. Begin to let go of the things about you that are destructive and rewire yourself for the rest of your 100 years.




Enhance Your Energy Through Positive Choices

Choose thoughts, actions, and feelings and reinforce them throughout the day with personal affirmations. Check out our 100YL podcast, “Youthful Energy at any Age.” This episode on Innate Energy will have you feeling younger at the end of the day than you did at the beginning of the day, even though you are one day older. Stay consistent with what you hear, and the same will be true for the month, year, and a decade or longer.

Listen to Podcast 7- Youthful Energy at Any Age


Monitor Your Breathing, Heart Rate, and Posture

Begin with your breathing and posture immediately because they do not require any equipment. When you are ready, invest in a heart monitor and tune into your heart rate. You will be amazed by what you learn about yourself during this process. Did you know that simply choosing to alter body posture to a more upright position can improve mood and energy levels?

Read more about how your posture can enhance your energy level on our 100 Year Lifestyle article, Why Posture Matters.

Choose High-Energy Foods and Activities

When given the choice of low-energy foods and activities, choose high energy. Choose a power walk over being a couch potato. Choose high-energy foods over low-energy foods. Choose healthy interactions with other people rather than destructive interactions.



Stop and Choose: Take A Personal Energy Inventory and Watch Yourself Like You’re Watching A Movie

When you catch yourself unconsciously doing things that you know you want to change, shift your energy. Literally, say to yourself stop and physically and emotionally stop yourself. Now make a new choice that supports your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle. Initially you may feel like a tennis ball bouncing back and forth 100 times a day. Eventually, you will settle into your human potential pattern, and it will be your lifestyle. You will love it.

Read our 100YL article, The Movie of YOU, to help you make choices that support your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle!

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